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A New Approach To Body Contouring

If you want to improve the shape of your body, Dr. Linda Lam Concierge Aesthetics offers Body Contouring that can work wonders for you. Diet and exercise may not always give you the results that you expect. Our body contouring therapy can address certain problem areas when more-conventional means don’t work. 
• No surgery involved 
• Good for darker and lighter skin tones 
• Treatment can target larger and smaller areas of the body 

How The Solution Works

We use Venus Technology to provide Body Contouring. This technology works by breaking down the stubborn fat cells that can’t always be eliminated with diet and exercise. With the use of a handheld instrument, we will go over your areas of concern carefully to give you the most comprehensive treatment imaginable.

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What does this treatment feel like? 
You will experience a warming sensation throughout the treatment. You can always let us know if you start feeling too hot so that we can make the necessary adjustments. 
How long does the treatment last? 
Each treatment session lasts no longer than 30 minutes. Perfect if you want to come in during your lunch break. 
What will I feel like after treatment? 
The areas that were treated might feel flush and warm, but you shouldn’t experience any major discomfort. The flush and warm sensations should subside within one to two hours following your treatment. No recovery downtime will be needed. 
Body Contouring by Dr. Linda Lam Concierge Aesthetics can be the perfect option for many people. Please contact us today to arrange an appointment.  

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