Cellulite Reduction

A New Approach To Cellulite Reduction

Dr. Linda Lam Concierge Aesthetics provides Cellulite Reduction to people who want to look and feel better. If cellulite has accumulated around your thighs, abdomen, or gluteal region, we can use our revolutionary technology to reduce the appearance of these unattractive fat deposits. After your treatment, you will be able to feel more confident and comfortable during swimsuit season. 

• Most treatments can be completed in under 30 minutes 
• Treatment involves no cutting or scarring 
• Beneficial for all skin tones 

Our Venus Legacy Technology

The Venus Legacy technology that we use is designed to eliminate cellulite by using heat to generate more collagen production and destroy fat cells. A handheld device will be used to go over your problem areas and deliver targeted therapy to provide the most thorough treatment possible. To emit heat to deeper tissues, our Venus Legacy technology includes a VariPulse feature, which pulls the skin upward gently.


Is any downtime needed for recovery? 
Since this treatment is nonsurgical, you won’t have to schedule any downtime for recovery. 
How many treatment sessions are needed for noticeable results? 
Most people see the best results after undergoing six to eight treatment sessions. 
Will any maintenance treatments be needed? 
To maintain your results after your initial treatment course, you may be advised to return once a month or every three to four months for additional sessions. 
If you are interested in receiving cellulite reduction, Dr. Linda Lam Concierge Aesthetics has everything that is needed to give you the proper care. Please contact our staff today to learn more about our cellulite reduction service and schedule your appointment.  

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