Wrinkle Reduction

A New Approach To Wrinkle Reduction

It is common for people to start looking more seasoned than their age would indicate. A big culprit for this is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and upper body.

Wrinkles form from factors such as sun exposure, weight loss, hormonal shifts, and nutritional choices. Some people choose to undergo intense surgical procedures that pull and stretch the skin.

Additionally, skin surgery requires many lifestyle changes and offer only temporary improvements. Non-surgical treatments that harness the power of light to heal skin damage are now available. Their are many benefits clients can experience from wrinkle reduction. These include:
* Radically improved skin evenness and tone. 
* Simple treatments that require no surgical action. 
*  No down time after wrinkle reduction therapy. 
* Increased skin vitality that looks years younger.

How The Solution Works

Our exclusive wrinkle reduction option incorporates VenusVersa Technology. This system utilizes Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) to regenerate damaged skin tissues.

VenusVersa delivers light pulses through a series of therapeutic wands. These wands massage and pamper the skin unlike any type of surgery. The gentle introduction of heat into specific tissues causes a photo-regenerative effect. Skin that is beginning to show the signs of premature aging can be stimulated.

This stimulation reduces fine lines, and helps the skin weather elements that cause wrinkles. Contact our staff today to learn about Venus Versa. See how it is changing the lives of many people. Schedule an appointment to discover the right treatment for your wrinkle concerns. 

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